Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller




Wireless Controller for N-Switch/Switch Lite Switch Controller DIY Color

【POWERFUL COMPATIBILITY】 RegeMoudal switch pro controller adopts the new wireless Bluetooth 3.0 transmission technology, which can be easily and quickly paired, works with Bluetooth within 10m, it can keep stable connection signal during games. The wireless switch controller is high compatible with N-Switch, the matte non-slip grip ergonomic design,effective anti-sweat, comfortable to hold giving you a refreshing feeling.
?【WAKE-UP FUNCTION】This controller for N-switch has the one-click connect and remote wake-up function. Just Press your “HOME” button for 1s, then you can wake up controller, connect your switch console, starting your game without any trouble. fit for all Switch games.We believe this will make your game more interesting !
?【DIY COLOR】This pro controller can be changed to different colors according to your mood and game. It is convenient to use. You only need to manually change the color to bring you different senses and gaming experience.(The switch pro controller with a set turquoise Color). Six-axis gyroscope Sensor, The can detect the tilt of the terminal from the sensor built into the controller and reflect it in the movement of characters.
?【TURBO FUNCTION】This wireless pro controller switch supports 3 levels of turbo speed: 5 shoots /s, 12 shoots /s, 20 shoots /s, achieve button bursts by one click (T). support the Turbo function of A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR button. So that you can fire as quickly as possible without needing to physically hit the button many times per second. You can adjust the Turbo speed by manipulating the turbo button and the right joystick.
?【DUAL VIBRATION】This controller has four levels of dual vibration:0%-35%-70%-100%;default 70% You can enjoy a shock, strong somatosensory, vibration and turbo capabilities give you the same experience as the original pro controller for a more engaging gaming experience

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