Lot of 4 Quilt Applique Patterns Patterns One is a Snuggle Bug Bund




Lot of 4 Quilt Applique Patterns Patterns . 

1.  Little Londyn Snuggle Bug Bundle by Megan Miles & Drue Winder, # LL-701
     Snuggle Blankie
     Snuggle Bag
     Assorted Ribbon Trim
     2 Size Options

2.  Black-Red-White, by Michael Miller Fabrics, Designed by Marinda Stewart
     Size: Approximately 40"W x 55"H"

3.  Candy Cane Panes, by Suzette German
     Finished Size 14"

4.  "Let Freedom Ring" A Make-in-a-Day Charm Project by Bloom Creek -#141
      Size:  15" x 33"

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