KNIFE SHARPENER Ceramic Tungsten Kitchen Knives Blade Sharpening System Tool USA XH

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Material: High Grade Diamond Rods
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Professional Knife Sharpener by KT Deals features the 3-Step Knife Sharpening kits designed to sharpen any dull or damaged knives and blades. Stage 1: diamond sharpening rod repairs and straightens damaged blades. Stage 2: slot sharpens to restore its V-shape. Stage 3 slot fine tunes for a final best polish. 

How Our Knife Sharpener Works: Stage 1 - Preparation (High-grade Diamond rods). This 'roughens' the knife edge to prepare the surface for sharpening. It also smoothes any nicks and imperfections that could cause the blade to 'catch' during the sharpening stage (a common problem with 1 and 2-stage pull-through sharpening slots, which can cause damage to blades). Stage 2 - Sharpening (Hardened Tungsten Carbide Plates) - Now pull the blade through slot 2's precision-angled tungsten carbide plates to create the perfect sharpened 'V' edge on even the bluntest knife. Stage 3 - Hone (Ceramic Stone Rods) - For final edge honing. It removes any burs and gently polishes the blade edges for a sharp polish.


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3 Steps, within 10 Seconds, Using our Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener, you will get a sharpened blade as sharp as new.

Easy to Handle! Our sharpening system is your best choice! Place the dull blade in one of the Sharpener slots and quickly pull the knife through times for effective sharpening. Safety comes First. Our Blade Sharpener with a non-slip bottom to ensure you are in total control while sharpening.

Strong and Durable! Crafted from solid ABS plastic, our chef knife sharpener is strong and durable.


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