Buy Online High Quality FREE Local Pick-up - My Neighbor's Stuff LLC
Buy Online High Quality FREE Local Pick-up - My Neighbor's Stuff LLC

FREE Local Pick-up

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How it works ?

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Measure the dimensions of your box.  Your box(s) size can not be larger than a 20x20x20 size box. 
Before you check out and schedule your pick-up, make sure you indicated how many boxes you have in this
pick-up order in the "Quantity" field.

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Fill up your box with the new or gently used clothing, accessories, shoes and kid's items you listed in your Consignor's Booth or Webstore.  All items must be laundered, ironed, folded and ready to ship to your buyer at time of pick-up.

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Place the My Neighbor's Stuff pick-up label we mailed to you on the box and write your seller id number on the label with a marker.
Contact us if did not receive your pick-up box labels.

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 If this is your first time consigning with us click on the button below to print our
Consignor Agreement.
Sign and date the agreement and place on top of your items.

Seal the box.


Get Doc!
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At checkout  indicate the number boxes in this  pick-up order in the "Quantity" field. DO NOT ADD TO CART

Schedule your pick-up day and time.
Click Confirm 

On the day of pick-up, place your box or boxes in a location with pick-up label visible. We will notify you when your driver is on its way

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We Will Take It From Here

  • We will perform a quality inspection of your items.
  • Confirm  that the items received are  listed to the Marketplace.
  • Mark items in transit as received.
  • Publish your items to the Marketplace and or eBay Marketplace.


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My Neighbor’s Stuff LLC is a registered seller on the platform. While is an independent marketplace, we do publish some of our items on eBay. As a registered seller on the eBay platform, we are authorized to follow eBay rules and policies when listing items on their platform. Please click to review eBay’s list of prohibited and restricted items before publishing your items to

.NOTE: eBay’s prohibited, or restricted items also apply to items listed on  Please email us: if you have any questions or concerns


The My Neighbors Stuff LLC Admin

Non-Local Consignor Shipping Information:

1. Your box or package size can not be larger than a 12x12x12 size box and must weigh 10 pounds or less. (Any difference will be taken from seller's account)
2. Place a garbage bag inside box to secure items during shipment.
3. Enclose your clothing items folded, laundered and ready to wear.
4. Assure that jewelry items, small toys and other small items are placed in zip lock bags and placed on top of the clothing items.
5. Shoes should not be loose and should be placed in either a zip lock bag or in its original box.
6. You must include your consignor agreement in the bag.  We can not accept items that are not included with their items.
7. Secure bag tightly to prevent any lost items or damage while in route.
8. Tap the bottom and top of the box securely.
9. Affix your USPS pre-paid label on the box and mail to our mailing center below:

My Neighbor's Stuff LLC
7245 Rockbridge Road
Suite #300-988
Lithonia, GA 30058

Email Us:

Mail Center Address for Shipments:
My Neighbor's Stuff LLC
7245 Rockbridge Road
Suite #300-988
Lithonia, GA 30058

Contact Us by Phone:  (470) 231-8853

If there is anything we can help, don't hesitate to contact us by filling contact form below:


Just perfect! Thank you so much!


Well packaged, arrived as described and good communication.


Today,I have received this item safely. It was a wonderful deal. Thank you!


Very pretty patriotic purse. Fast shipment. Thank you. :)


Loved how expertly packaged the breakable mug was.


Oh I’m overly thrilled. I can’t believe my three Christmas items are here


Local Pick-up Starts

January 4, 2021