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Three technologies: Pad Massager + Infrared + High Frequency Vibration to help keep fit and tighten skin on different parts of the body.
5 Modes of Massager Pads (Tapping, Massage, Knead,Scrapping, Thinning).
5 intensity modes ,meeting your various requirements.
Keeps skin in good condition and tightens your skin with no harm.
Restores the elasticity and rejuvenates skin cells more thoroughly.

Red light photon skin care,tightens skin on face and eliminates wrinkles.
Use skin care gel and body gel together.
It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body fit.
Mini and stylish appearance,convenient to carry, easy to use.

☀Tips fat burning machine:
(1)This beauty machine DOES NOT heat up!
(2)Pad Massager mode must be used with 2 pads together . Pads massager function should  not  be used on face.
(3)Please apply with gel or cream when using High frequency vibrate mode
(4)Please do not stick massager pads on face/chest/throat,please stick massager pads according to the user's manual.
(5)It varies from person to person,please use with the conductive gel.Some people may see results in a month and others may take longer.
(6)Patients,Pregnant women, and cardiac patients can Not use this device.
(7)People with various chronic diseases should not use it.

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