How To Add Products To My Neighbors Stuff Marketplace

This is a basic Consignor guide for adding products on Marketplace. The My Neighbors Stuff Marketplace is a feature-rich eCommerce solution for every consignor, vendor and merchant to grow their online booths and web-stores. You as a seller on our marketplace can showcase your brands locally or worldwide. As a seller you can add items & sell them on, your web-store or eBay based on your membership plan. There are certain steps that the consignor needs to follow before adding products:  

  • To start adding products to the store, the seller needs to register/log in.
  •  If the Seller has signup then wait for account approval from the My Neighbors Stuff Admin
  • The seller needs to add the payment details to which he wish to receive the order payments. 
  • The seller needs to have a verifiable email address.
  • Once approved, the seller can start uploading the products.

How To Add Products

In order to add items, you need to visit the Products section of your seller dashboard.

Go to the Product Listing select the option to Add Products. All the added products will be listed in the same section.

  • Click green "Add Product" button, the product form appears. Now, enter the details in the given fields of the product form.
  • Select the product that you want to sell i.e. Normal (Physical) or Digital product.
  • Enter an appropriate title of the product in the product name field.
  • Select the product type category from the drop down menu.
  • Enter a detail description of your product. i.e.(size, color, brand, etc.)
  • Product tags are a way for My Neighbors Stuff to get detailed information about your product i.e (size, genre, brand, color) and other info about your item. Select all of the product tags that apply to your product from the drop down menu by selecting the item and clicking enter on your keyboard to accept.
  • Sellers who are under the Consignor plans can skip the "Shipping Details and Shipping Method" fields.  My Neighbors Stuff's Admin will complete this information.
  • Pricing Details:- Enter product price & compare at price. Note: a compare at price is the retail price you paid for the item or what the item is selling for now. Example: You purchased a pair of shoes that cost $120 new, you are selling them for $50, therefore your compare to price would be $120.
  • Sellers who are under the Consignor plans can skip the "Inventory Detail and Variant Detail" fields. My Neighbors Stuff's Admin will complete this information.
  • Select the item condition from the drop down  in the Custom Detail field.  
  • Upload good quality product images in the "Image Section". Up to 10 images can be uploaded of any dimension but we recommend you to upload images with dimensions of 1024x1024 & its size must be less than 15MB. 
  • The collection section is where you can add the product to collections so it’s easy to find in your store or on our Marketplace. Select all the collections that applies to your product.
  • Sellers who are under the Consignor plans can skip the remaining fields click on the green "Accept Changes" button.  Sellers can continue adding products, using the above steps.