Published  - November 1, 2020

My Neighbor's Stuff  
Consignor Account Set-up

With My Neighbor's Stuff's Consignor Membership program, consignors can choose to sell their items on consignment by selecting a "Consignor Booth" membership plan or a "Consignor Webstore" membership plan. Both programs provide consignors the opportunity to earn extra cash or start an income-generating online business without leaving the comfort of their homes or the worry of shipping and handling customer orders.

My Neighbor's Stuff's Marketplace, referred to as ("MNS") throughout this document, is where consignors, vendors, brick & mortar store owners, and buyers register to buy/sell on 

The Consignor Booth plan is for those sellers who sell under 50 items per month and want to sell things around their house to earn a little extra cash or get rid of things that they no longer can wear or need. Under the consignment Booth membership plan, consignors will list their items, chose a store name, upload images, provide item details, schedule item pick-up, and we take it from there. Note: Under the Booth plan your products will  be displayed in the Seller Web-store directory.

The Consignor Webstore plan is for home-based and small business sellers that sell 100 to 500 items per month.  With a Webstore plan, you get to market your products on and also market your products as a stand alone store where you have more control of your brand and your store is listed in the Seller Web-store directory. Under the consignment Web-store membership plan, consignors will list their items, upload images, provide item details, schedule pick-up, design the look and feel of their store and we take it from there.


There are certain steps that all consignors need to know.  Don't worry we have all the links you'll need below to get started.

  • Sign up/Login to your Consignor/Seller Account.
  • If you have already signed up then wait for account approval from MNS" Admin.
  • Once approved, the consignor can start uploading the products.
  • MNS fulfills all consigned items; therefore, Admin will approve the items listed on after the Consignor's inventory has been inspected and received by a  MNS Agent.
  • Once approved, your items will be available on and or the eBay platform if you are under the Webstore Consignor Premium plan.
  • Consignors must have a PayPal account, and a verifiable email address, to receive payments from buyers.

Consignor Login/Sign up:

The Consignor needs to sign up on by clicking on the (Join As A Seller) button on the homepage. The Login/Signup page will appear. On this page  you can click the Join Us button to sign-up as a  seller or if you already have an account log in to access their account. *All sellers must be registered to add products to

Below is a screenshot of the sign-up/login page. 

Consignor Membership Plans:

We currently offer three consignor plans: Consignor Booth, Consignor Web-Store, and the Consignor Web-Store Premium. After you register as a seller, you will be asked to select a Membership Plan.  Select a plan. Afterward, you will see your Seller Dashboard.

Below is a screenshot of the Consignor Plans.

Seller Dashboard:

Below is the seller dashboard view; after the seller has successfully logged in. The seller can see his or her products, orders, commission (admin's share of the order), etc., by just looking at the dashboard.

Below is a screenshot of the Seller Dashboard.

Profile Menu - My Account Sub-Menu

The seller can manage their account from the "My Account" sub-menu under the Profile menu. On my account page, the Consignor Booth seller will only provide their account details.

In contrast, the Consignor Web-Store seller completes the account details and web-store profile page section. The Web-store seller's store descriptions, photo image, store logo, and banner image are visible in his seller web-store and the Web-store directory.

Below is a screenshot of the My Account Sub-Menu

Consignor Web-Store My Account Sub-Menu

Profile Menu - Payment Details Sub-Menu

Under the "Payment Details" sub-menu, a seller can add the details of the payment mode by which he wishes to receive his earning from the store owner: Currently we only accept manual commission payouts through PayPal.

Below is a screenshot of the Payment Sub-Menu

Profile Menu - Feedback Sub-Menu

The feedback submenu will show all the seller's customer feedback from the seller's Web-store profile page.

Below is a screenshot of the Feedback Sub-Menu.

Profile Menu - Membership Plan Sub-Menu

The Membership Plan sub-menu, shows the membership plan you are currently enrolled in.

Below is a screenshot of the Orders Menu.

Orders Menu - Orders Listing Sub-Menu

The seller can view all the orders from the "orders" menu under the order listing page. The order listing page will list all the orders fulfilled or unfulfilled orders by MNS Admin.

Below is a screenshot of the Orders Listing Sub-Menu.

Orders Menu - Payment Received Sub-Menu

The submenu "payment received" shows the customer payment status that are due and the total amount received.

Screenshot of the Orders Menu - Payment Received Sub-Menu

Orders Menu - Commission Listing Sub-Menu

The Commissions Menu list all of the Commissions deducted from seller's order per product. See below how the commission is collected based on a consignor who's commission payment is 15%. Product Price: $6.32 Admin's Commission at 15%: $0.95 ($6.32 x 15%=$0.95).

In this example: the consignor would receive a commission payout from Admin for $5.37 ($6.32-$0.95).

Below is a screenshot of the Commission Listing Sub-Menu

Product Menu

Under this menu- products >> product listing, all the product-related information will be there, and the product can be edited, viewed, and deleted from in this menu. With the "bulk edit" option in the 1st image screenshot, the seller can bulk edit the products and add the products via CSV file to the app.

The 1st image below is the product listings screen, and the 2nd image is a snapshot of the "add product" form:

Below is a screenshot of the Product Listing Menu

Below is a screenshot of the Add Product  Menu


We will take it from here.  A MSN Agent will set-up the Consignor's  configuration of his or her "Booth" or "Web-store during the initial set-up.

Below is a screenshot of the Configuration

Below is a screenshot of the sign-up/login page.

Below is a screenshot of the sign-up/login page.

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