Popular Product Categories Every Online Vendor Should Know About

Launching an online business is more challenging than a traditional brick-and-mortar store. The neck-to-neck competition has made businesses fight to stay in the market. Consumers' demand and emerging trends are causing high saturation in the market.

For an online vendor to survive in the competitive market, finding their niche is important. Find out popular product categories for any online business:

Fashion & Apparel

According to one survey based on online shopping categories in the US, fashion tops the chart! By the end of 2021, US consumers will spend $142.8 billion on apparel and fashion products that will account for 30.4% of the total revenue from e-commerce.

Fashion-related products are never out of the picture. Offering fashion-related, trendy products is the surefire way to increase consumer traffic to your online store. You can further segment your store based on your target audience.

Media & Electronics

Electronics and media products are the second-highest sold product category, and it’s more than a $100 billion market. This product segment includes mobile accessories, portable projects, gaming consoles, handheld games, and much more. The tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennials can be your target market for this niche because of their keen eye for new gadgets.

Home Décor and Furniture

With DIY décor and the influx of LED lights, people are taking a keen interest in aestheticizing their personal spaces. Pictures frames, ferry lights, art décor, 3D mural, bedding, and bath are heavily sold products.

Similarly, the online furniture market has grown recently. Particularly, people have started to make the most of outdoor activities post-COVID. The outdoor Gazebo and patio furniture are hot sales in the online market. Online furniture shopping offers ease in terms of design, color, and variety.

Leisure, DIY & Toys

This is a diverse segment that includes products for leisure and hobbies. From musical instruments to toys and games, the e-commerce market earns huge revenues from this product category.

Dollhouses, toy cars, outdoor sports, video games, craft supplies, and music and art supplies are some of the most popular items sold online. Though many vendors have physical stores, an online store is the most cost-effective option for a start-up.

Collectibles & Vintage

Collectibles and vintage items have a separate fan base. Many online stores offer collectible items from childhood memories. These items are to reminisce over the bygones. Vintage items are beautiful products to hold onto some memories.

Vintage china, dessert plates, timeless products, and much more come under the umbrella of collectibles and vintage products. You can increase your fan base with these items on your online store.

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