How to Increase Sales by Stocking the Right Christmas Gifts for All Audiences

To become the go-to store for Christmas shopping, you have to find what’s trending and what customers are looking for. Apart from some traditional holiday presents, 2020 saw a skewed trend of quirky gifts for Christmas.

Disney+ became the hottest Christmas gift as many paid to give a 1-year subscription to their loved one as a Christmas present. Aromatherapy was another trendy gift that saw an increased sale last year during the holiday season.

Read this to find out the right Christmas gifts to increase sales for your online store:

Cozy Blankets for Cozy Holidays

What’s better than a snuggly weighted blanket for Christmas? Presently, weighted blankets have been a big hit because of their calming effect. People can snuggle into a weighted blanket with their warm cup of cocoa or eggnog on Christmas Eve. Market your cozy blankets as the most wanted Christmas present and watch the sales hike!

Non-stick Cookware

Non-stick and all-purpose pans and pots are cult-favorite. Cooking enthusiasts look for do-it-all Instagrammable cookware because there are dinners to be hosted and food to be served. Stock your store with non-stick and ceramic coating pans and pots to attract more customers.

Noise Canceling Headphones

If you sell electronic products and mobile accessories, this is a must-have. With the increasing popularity of noise-canceling headphones, electronic and mobile brands offer these headphones. This is a perfect Christmas gift for music geeks. Target young demographic with nifty and uber-modern headphones!

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas sheaths, candy canes, gingerbread houses, snowflakes, and baubles are ornaments that you must keep in stock. These festive decorative pieces are favorite gift items to adorn the Christmas tree. The most purchased Christmas gifts are ornament sets that reflect joy and happiness.

Heart ornament reflects love, and acorn ornament means gift of life. People give away these items as presents to symbolize something depending on the ornament. Many repackage them to store as a souvenir. Christmas ornaments can be a cash cow for your online store.

Pretend Plays

Christmas-themed costumes, dollhouses, and kitchen sets are some of the common gifts for kids. These gifts allow families to spend quality time and share a good bond around pretend play. Parents buy these gifs for their children to encourage their social development.

Clothes & Accessories

These are easily the top picks for women and any fashion enthusiast person. Christmas is the time where most fashion industry thrives the most. Both online and physical stores are crowded with customers purchasing accessories and clothing items at discounted prices.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • As an online vendor, your priority should be to restock your most-purchased item and keep additional inventory if the first one rolls out.
  • Offer holiday gift guides and packages to ease purchase decisions for customers.
  • Make your product photography Instagrammable!
  • Change your website’s background and color, or dress up the logos for added appeal.

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