Girl wearing a fitted dress

With summertime just around the corner, parents left, and right are frantic to find fashionable outfits for their little ones who have grown out of their clothing. This year the official trends for young kids are bright and festive!

We’ve put together this summer lookbook guide so you can learn how to dress your toddler and what clothing styles to go for.

Child wearing a summer dress sitting next to a dog

Color And Style

Fashion artists this season went all out on the pastels and bright colors. The new collections are a combination of natural, bright, colorful tones with floral and textured patterns. Oversize is always a preferable style because summer can be quite stifling, and tight clothing can irritate your toddler’s skin. It’s smart to get loose oversize clothing that can help them keep cool.

One other style designers recommend is layering! You can layer a T-shirt under an overall or a sleeveless dress to protect against sun exposure. Layers also work well in oversized clothing and can look very fashionable.

Bright Summer Dresses

A fashionable dress always stands out among the crowd because the design and the little details and accessories can make it pop like any fashionable look. You can always go for a trendy trapezoidal cut, embellished with ruffles, butterflies, and flower appliques. And you can accessories your little one’s look with a headband, bracelets, sunglasses, and a matching pair of shoes.

Fitted Dresses

Fitted dresses look so elegant on girls that designers continue to encourage this design trend each season. You can go for straight-cut, jersey or cotton dresses, with a belt at the waist. You can choose either a monochrome color or a vibrant pattern with florals and stripes to look festive for summer.

Cargo Pants And Joggers

Cargo pants are an adult favorite and are quickly becoming a feature in children’s clothing as well. If you have a spirited boy toddler, you cannot go wrong with loose fitted shirt or tunic with matching cargo pants and white joggers! The look is aesthetically pleasing and quite comfortable for your kids.

Shirt And Khaki Shorts

Nothing looks cuter than a boy toddler in a white and blue patterned T-shirt with beige khaki shorts. It’s a perfect trendy summer outfit that you can comfortably dress for any occasion. It will help them keep cool as they run around and play. But make sure to pick clothing in soft, breathable cotton to protect their skin.

 Child wearing a layered dress

Well-dressed toddlers and babies are just so adorable that you want to lift them, hold them in your arms, and take pictures all day. If you’re looking for quality clothing and accessories for boys and girls, My Neighbor’s Stuff LLC is at your service!

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